Friday, December 19, 2008

the entry that zouked me out

so the body feels good, but if it could express itself somehow, it certainly would not be beneath hurling foul-sounding epithets at me. frankly, i have been over-stressing my body, at various parties, that is. when it came to working, however, i'd skim right through it like the advertisements section of a magazine. not a good sign at all. i definitely would need a good rubdown or some traditional tui na after all the unadulterated hardcore partying and perhaps (perhaps?) do my utmost to get back to work after that.

zouked out much, anyone?

for that reason, i shall swear upon my latest dkny mules acquisition that zoukout 2008 shall be the last and final party of the year for me in singapore. may mildew and noxious fumes wreak havoc on them should i fail to live up to my promise. ergo, with that vow in mind, and a couple bottles of alcohol in tow, the usual suspects camped out at siloso beach resort whilst awaiting the party du jour's kick-off.

our theme in mind was clashing neon, so basically it was cloaking oneself in multi-colored fabric that looked out of place from one another. did we succeed? you make the verdict.

val, daryl and duncan doing a warmup pose for the camera.

black-meets-white: benjamin and me.

the whole gin gang minus two.

another group shot, but still short of the man behind the camera, ben.

gratifyingly, amidst all the hustle and bustle, we did not forget to celebrate duncan's
birthday, who's now a full bloom twenty-somethinger. unfortunately, the hotel staff burst our bubbles when they prematurely knocked on our doors with the cake and balloon when not everyone had arrived yet. still, it was a sweet success seeing duncan's shocked expression when he was greeted with our almost-sabotaged surprise.

the birthday boy,
 who definitely looked way more surprised than what this photo displayed.

a confetti gun meant for his birthday, brought outdoors in the end.

on to partying!! and more pics...

dj sasha, in my opinion, was the best. 
his follow up act, dj above and beyond, was nowhere where what his moniker promised.

the crowd agrees, lapping up every sasha ditty.

me and jem: our only shot together. >.<

the venue was a dizzying, sweltering moshpit of people that the tops had to go eventually...

bumping into my batch girl from SQ, jasmine...

... and her boyfriend, joson, who seems a tad way too gone.

seriously, this guys needs a therapist.

partying until the sun rose.

one word to describe zouk out 2008supercalifragilisticexpialidocious


Rex said...

I am the first?? no?

zoukEDout! booooooo~
nyonya now sneak preview til episode 26!

Rex said...
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iruffcookiedough said...

yeah!! finally!!
you've till episode 26???
care to share your mobtv acct? please.. >.<

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Rex. Finally you are the 1st to post comment. :)

Every year when look at friends’ pics, I always tell myself I must go Zoukout next year coz it is fun. However, until now I haven't attended once.

~no name~

Dancer said...

Hello abs haha!

Anonymous said...

erm, i can;'t imagine what's that guy doing with the thing. OMG.

Anyway, it's so nice i get to see ur zoukout entry before i fly off to US and u're really something to party till dawn. i doubt i got the stamina and energy for that.

Well, a very Advance Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to u and i be back to ur blog when i settle down in US. =)

ck said...

Merry X'mas and Happy New Year! Enjoy your oversea trip!

btw, this camera is much better :p

Rex said...

yue niang~~ pity account but cant watch. haha~ lol

iruffcookiedough said...

(no name) you're just like the event zoukout. every year, the management from zoukout would make an announcement that it would be the last outdoorsy event, but the following year, they will still organise another one. you're just the exact opposite.'

(dancer) faint impression of abs only, still gotta long way to go. =]

(huiying) redbull is the answer to your query. like the tagline says, "it can give you wings!"

so you're heading to the states for? holidays? trip? studies? special occasion? an early merry x'mas and happy new year to you! =]

iruffcookiedough said...

(ck) it's the same camera, just tweaked a little of the features, so perhaps a slightly different outcome.

(rex) yeah! tell me about it. i am gonna try again tonight. hmph! **grunts an unsatisfied mobtv user**

ck said...

okay... confused. i thought you were using the iPhone previously. I can understand if iPhone performed badly under poor light condition, but a normal digital camera shouldn't be as bad as your previous batch of photos. I bet you are one of those people who don't read the user manual.... like me :P

Anonymous said...

Des, maybe this is the reason why zoukout is able to carry on every year. If one year I really attend, maybe it is going to be the last zoukout in history. hahaha..

btw, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all you fans here. :)

~no name~

russ said...

yay!zouk out was fun eh!

sigh...u should stay for jem's bday party la!

russ said...

yay!zouk out was fun eh!

sigh...u should stay for jem's bday party la!

singapoor said...

des for a second I thought Duncan was you. hahaha.

I still see paunches though HAHAH

Anonymous said...

Hi Singapoor, from some angles, they look very much alike.

But I think Des is more cheerful and playful. Duncan is more quite and more like a 乖宝宝 or 邻家男孩. :)

~no name~

Rex said...

tell you when you come online ba~ hahaha~ =D

huiying said...

for holidays and spend xmas with my uncle. =)

iruffcookiedough said...

(ck) actually, part of the photos from the previous entry (willie's birthday) were taken using a digital camera which was borrowed from my brother. but i didn't set the ISO correctly. so for the zoukout, using the same borrowed digicam, i set the ISO to a lower amount, thus achieving better photo effect.

i do have a new canon d60, but i'm not even half thru the user's manual. but you're right about that part, we expect things to work without even as much as thumbing thru the manuals. except in this case, the d60 is entire new ground for me, i have to at least read thru once. =]

(no name) come on, you're just using that as an excuse to procrastinate further. just go next year already. it's really a liberating and fun-filled experience .... sans the traffic.

(russ) i know right? i should so stay too, but that jem is indecisive still as to whether he's having his birthday party. my spirit will be with you guys nevertheless! (spooky).

iruffcookiedough said...

(singapoor) aw... don't be some hard on me. i am trying my best already. besides, it was posing for the camera with my face, not with the bod. i wasn't flexing at all. ><

(no name) so that means i cannot be a goody-two-shoes kind?? i am outraged, haha, just kidding.

(huiying) that's sweet. how about the rest of your family? they coming along or you alone only? the states should be pretty cold right now, take care yeah. ^^

tyc said...

mocha latte hawt!!!

ck said...

new camera? sweet! is that a DSLR? Are we to expect "the entry about the camera" soon?

I am only capable of operating an device that has less than 10 buttons (except the keyboard of course :P). Things that require me to turn this, press that, point there, look out for red dots and read histograms usually result in panic attacks.

Popthemusicdrug said...

eeeyer why is the only shot of me and u so f*****!

iruffcookiedough said...

(tyc) jealous of? not going to zouk out? the neon theme? hmmm, i am clueless.

(ck) i might have that entry, but maybe only after i have learned to master it of course. panic attacks and visits to the triage as well? hehe.

(ptmd) erm... yeah, that's why i said. maybe a little camera shy initially that's why.

singapoor said...

des, no need to flex. hahaha. be happy with what you have.

are u sure it's canon? haven't heard of d60 model. or is it nikon?!

Anonymous said...

Des, no doubt u’re goody-two-shoes kind. Just you look naughtier than Duncan. He looks innocent. :)

Btw, wish you have a good X'mas vacation. I also look forward for my year end vacation.

~no name~

iruffcookiedough said...

(singapoor) oops, typo. my bad. it's actually nikon, not canon, nor is it anymore cannon.

(no name) haha, ok lah, honestly, i can be quite the cheeky dude. so i guess you're right to a certain extent! =]